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Founder & Creative Director

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”
-Jennifer Lee

An unapologetic dreamer – she loves art and storytelling.
The pursuit for a platform to explore that passion led to the conception of MUKTA
– the instrument to express her stories.

Her desire is to create collections based on beautiful concepts and translate the aesthetics and emotions into tangible objects.
Objects that act like puzzle pieces that merge to reveal a complete story.

She hopes to create diverse and multidimensional collections that are not seasonal but treasurable; one that brings new life of creativity and beauty from the past and anchors it to the contemporary.

She credits her background in architecture for instilling her strong sense of ideals towards her work – the power of authentic conceptual design, importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail. It was during her training, that she learnt that the true joy is in the process of creation, and realised her artistic affinities to romanticism, femininity and surrealism.

Considering the global impact that each brand has on the environment, in the future she plans to make a conscious move towards sustainability – through better structure within the brand’s ideology as well as through material and supply chain innovation.

But her ultimate vision is to make a positive impact in the design culture, by discouraging the practice to create with the idea of commercialism only.  But, instead focus on the importance to have an individualistic recognisable aesthetic language; To be passionate to deliver an emotion, a dream
– that one can embody.


Designer, Product Development

“I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.”
-Louis Hay

She truly lives by this attitude; she is the “Miss Sunshine” of the team, welcoming every task with a smile. Though, fashion wasn’t what she aspired to be in (art is what she longed for), but when fashion found her, she seized the opportunity – what followed was setting milestones in her prospering career with showcasing her label (Nazia Rahman Label) in Los Angeles Fashion Week , New York Fashion Week as well as numerous features in international platform such as Cosmopolitan India, FTV, etc . And now as part of MUKTA; she continues to thrive creating conceptual designs.

Her Words:

MUKTA is all about “ELEGANCE”

We are working tremendously hard to be a brand that will hopefully set a new standard to the local fashion industry. Our designs are completely concept-driven and seasonally approached, and will deliver to the gap for ELEGANCE and ORIGINALITY in the fashion sphere.

I have been in MUKTA from the very start and this is, without a doubt the best atmosphere I have ever had the opportunity to work in. I feel just at home, more in control and supported than I ever have before. The tasks that we partake daily help us flourish and create truly original designs. Working in MUKTA is like working with friends – we just don’t work in team but we have fun as a team! “


Manager, Administration

“Not how long but how well you have lived is what really matters!”
-Martin Luther King Jr

A woman of integrity, the company’s welfare has always been her highest priority. From, the very beginning, she has treated the brand as family, and nurtured it accordingly. Her role has been multifaceted, with not only adhering to the duties within the administration but even participating during design conversation wherever welcomed. Her knowledge of design gained during a stint working with the boutique Beads and Beyond, has facilitated her to understand the workings of our concept-driven brand better, and actively participate in all conversations.

Her Words:

MUKTA is my extended family

I have been working at MUKTA since its inception and undoubtedly have some of my best times here. It isn’t a company but rather a family, each of us play vital roles – nurturing to eventually build this dream.
Our team leader has ensured an environment where one can fully be themselves – chattering our hearts out, celebrating special moments which eventually helps us to create successfully and thus contribute to the growth.
When you look at the spectacular collections that we are putting on the table, one can feel the positive vivacities of the team behind it!


Pattern Maker, Product Development

“Hardships often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”
-C S Lewis

An optimist in the trust sense, he faces every challenge that life throws at him with a grin. Not one to shy away from trials, he travelled hundreds of miles to Dubai in search of better opportunity. There – he trained in pattern-making, eventually working with boutiques creating unique forms inspired by the runways of Europe. His 14 years of international experience has definitely aided him to create the unique and intricate forms and designs that is crafted in MUKTA.

His Words:

Upon returning from Dubai, I struggled to adapt to the local design sphere. It was only after joining MUKTA, did I feel a true sense of belonging. It is a safe place for one’s energy, I feel comfortable putting ideas onto the table. The designs we create constantly challenges me, which ensures that there is never a dull moment at work.

Our team truly functions as a family, with one single goal – to create a collection that is truly global and masterful. I feel very fortunate and equally proud to belong to this team – of not only artistic people but good humans.

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