“The Pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. “
– Grace Kelly

Pearls have always symbolised elegance and femininity, and when we look at clothes of today, that is something that we miss.
Therefore, when we were designing our debut collection,
we explored deep into the beauty of this gem and took refuge in the era that adulated pearls the most.

The 50s have been an era that celebrated pearls and shaped our imagination of style.
We lust over the designs of Monsieur Dior, Givenchy, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Jeanne Lanvin –
and how they styled the icons especially Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jaqueline Kennedy.

Our Debut collection aptly titled “Namesake” is a celebration of the sensibilities of the bygone era –
of what out name, the gem “Pearl” stands for – romanticism and femininity.

Painted with the most appreciated hues of the pearl – white, black & pink;
The timeless pieces are inspired by the textures and forms of not only the gem, but also reminiscent of their birthplace.


Read the story behind each piece and the unique musing that to the creation of the ultimate silhouette
in the detailed product description of the individual items.

As she blossomed like a butterfly and paraded the scenic landscape,

her mirage of exhilaration is broken as the world suddenly crumbles into ruins around her.

In disbelief, she ascends to the land – her toes stepping on the battered ruins,

slowly putting her root on the ground, spreading her aura, resurrecting the verve.

And she was the elegance amongst the grim,

Her roots spread along the bleakness,

Sophistication adorned the once battered,

When surrealism became sweeter than the reality

Concept, Styling & Creative Direction: Faria Mehmood

Model: Shirin Akter Shela, Mysha Rahman & Tangia Zaman Methila

Photography & Retouching: Rony Rezaul

Makeup & Hair: Jumman Hawlader

Production Management: Nazia Rahman, Syma Sadia Huq

Principal Video Technical Team: Rahat Karim, Rony Rezaul

Video Editing & Sound-Mixing: Nabil Khan

Project Coordinator: Nazia Rahman, Syma Sadia Huq

Video Production: Rahat Karim, Rony Rezaul

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