Our Founder


Founder & Creative Director

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”
-Jennifer Lee

An unapologetic dreamer – she loves art and storytelling.
The pursuit for a platform to explore that passion led to the conception of MUKTA
– the instrument to express her stories.

Her desire is to create collections based on beautiful concepts and translate the aesthetics and emotions into tangible objects.
Objects that act like puzzle pieces that merge to reveal a complete story.

She hopes to create diverse and multidimensional collections that are not seasonal but treasurable; one that brings new life of creativity and beauty from the past and anchors it to the contemporary.

She credits her background in architecture for instilling her strong sense of ideals towards her work – the power of authentic conceptual design, importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail. It was during her training, that she learnt that the true joy is in the process of creation, and realised her artistic affinities to romanticism, femininity and surrealism.

Considering the global impact that each brand has on the environment, in the future she plans to make a conscious move towards sustainability – through better structure within the brand’s ideology as well as through material and supply chain innovation.

But her ultimate vision is to make a positive impact in the design culture, by discouraging the practice to create with the idea of commercialism only.  But, instead focus on the importance to have an individualistic recognisable aesthetic language; To be passionate to deliver an emotion, a dream
– that one can embody.

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